Barbara Jakše Jeršič

As an independant cultural worker I have been working since 1990, which has advantages as well as setbacks. As the result, I found out, the power of everyhing is written in DNA of a team, in strengths of each individual, his/her purpose, values, willingness to improve the final outcome, in a few words, willingness to make our world a better place for everyone. 

With the support of different stakeholders, from family, friends, business partners, thank you all, I succeeded to accomplish art as well as marketing and promotional projects in local and global environment for various companies, institutions, organizations. Consequently, I became an interdisciplinary passionate worker on the intersection of digital media, photography, video, marketing and art.

I participated in different online educational programs such are Oxford Leadership, Singularity University, Mindset Practice which provide understanding of digital and mindset shifts.

For accomplishing digital content for different platforms, I use variety of software tools, for depicting a real environment, my companion is a curiosity and a camera. I believe that good ideas are coming from open mind, dedicated work, different people, spontaneous challenges, positive energy. Only then you are able to see crystal clear, envision the right solutions.

Chronology of Art Projects: